New York State Balloon Festival

I didn’t know what to expect when attending the New York State Balloon Festival for the first time. I figured hot air balloons would be part of the Festival, but I had no idea how many to expect or what they might look like.Approximately two dozen balloons were on the ground, ready to fill and billow into the sky. Some never made it off the ground, and sadly, my favorite – a purple dinosaur balloon – was in that category. Balloons filled, tottered for fifteen minutes, then collapsed. Others filled and simply rose. In the end, almost twenty balloons filled the sky – all at once!

Aside from the purple dinosaur, these two balloons were my next favorites:

The sun was right behind the launch field, so it was tough to take clear photos.

As the day bled into evening, a translucent green balloon passed over the sun, creating a beautiful eclipse effect.

Here are a few photos of the balloons on the ground.

And here are a few more of them in the sky.


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  1. Oh, DO come to Albuquerque in early October! Google for Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. You’ll have a blast!