Zombies, Ramsey Campbell, & Luther BBC Show

This is a potpourri post, in which I babble about what I’m working on, what I’m reading, and what I’m watching on tv. Yes, this is the exciting life of a pulp-hack working writer! Oo la la!

The zombie book and movie binge is now over. I’m shifting into the phase where I transcribe all my notes, organize them, and create an outline. Then I shift directly into the interview phase. Then I bang out the draft.

While working on this particular book, I’m working on a few other books and short stories. I also wrote another book proposal last week.

At night, I relax by reading Ramsey Campbell books, which probably accounts for the insomnia – you think?
The current Ramsey Campbell novel is The Face That Must Die, and if you haven’t read it (or anything by this amazing author), you should do so.

However, don’t expect to get any sleep.

I’ve also been watching a BBC program called “Luther,” which adds a nice twist to the old mystery-detective tropes.
Sure, Luther’s troubled, he can’t be in a solid relationship, he’s obsessed with solving crimes that nobody else can solve, he’s always at risk of being canned by the bosses, etc.

However, he also has a bizarre relationship with a mass-murdering genius named Alice, a character that I find especially interesting. She toys with him and manipulates events in his private and professional life, and he goes to her for advice while handling other murder cases.

Idris Elba (above right) plays the character of Luther, and Ruth Wilson (below right) plays the character of mass murderer Alice.

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