In Your Food: Snacks

The treats discussion got me thinking about other convenient foods. I like fresh fruit, but if I’m traveling I may have to settle for something in a package.

POP QUIZ: Which is healthiest – chocolate fudge pudding, strawberry gelatin, or applesauce?

The pudding sounds decadent but it’s not bad, though this one has cornstarch so it’s out for my corn-free pal:


The strawberry gel-thing (not actually gelatin), not too bad either. Natural and artificial flavors, plus a red dye, so if you’re picky about those it may be a pass. I didn’t see Jell-O brand; maybe it was in a different part of the store. If I find anything unusual there I’ll post a follow-up.




HFCS! Sound the alarm!

This “natural” version is better:

applesauce - natural

I looked at some other fruits. “In light syrup” is a phrase to watch out for:

mixed fruit

But “in its own juice” or in this case “in 100% fruit juice” is generally OK. Natural flavors here, but otherwise unsuspicious.

diced peaches

Finally, I looked at a couple of actual cans. Here’s a “no sugar added”:

fruit cocktail

This contains sucralose, AKA Splenda, a sweetener that has a dubious reputation.

I have not read this 2008 paper on “Splenda Alters Gut Microflora and Increases Intestinal P-Glycoprotein and Cytochrome P-450 in Male Rats” because it costs more than a whole bookshelf of novels. Anyone out there read it? The abstract is available behind the link, and sounds ominous.

Anyway, I used Splenda for a while and decided I didn’t like it, so now I avoid it.

Last item: Raspberry flavored sliced peaches. I looked at it because I thought it was odd; why add raspberry flavor to peaches? I checked the label, suspecting it would be awful, but no.

raspberry peaches

Natural flavor, is all. Take it or leave it. I didn’t try them, but maybe raspberry peaches are good.




In Your Food: Snacks — 3 Comments

  1. Fresh raspberries and fresh peaches baked with some cooked steel-cut oats and a drizzle of maple syrup makes a nice dessert that processes slowly for a carb. This canned thing could taste good or be a weird shortcut.

    Fortunately for us, it’s fresh apple season!