Free Sample: Music and Poetry of the Kesh

Music and Poetry of the KeshUrsula K. Le Guin’s classic novel Always Coming Home was originally published with a cassette tape, Music and Poetry of the Kesh, music by Oregon Shakespeare Festival Resident Composer Todd Barton, words by Ursula K. Le Guin, who performs many of the selections.

Book View Café offers Music and Poetry of the Kesh as a ZIPfile of MP3s, plus an ebook of the liner notes, including lyrics and translations, in MOBI/Kindle and EPUB form.

Free sample: Heron Dance

Free sample: Twilight Song

Buy Music and Poetry of the Kesh at the Book View Café Ebookstore.


“Reading Always Coming Home is an act of discovery…. Everything Le Guin does is interesting, believable and exquisitely detailed.”—Los Angeles Herald Examiner

“An appealing book as well as a masterly one…. The future world she has created here is awesomely complex.”—Newsweek




Free Sample: Music and Poetry of the Kesh — 6 Comments

  1. Is that really UKL’s voice? It sounds so young. Are there audiobooks where she reads her own works? (Without music, please. I don’t like music).

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