Ren Faire Wedding Part 2

This is the fabric that Phyl bought to make a skirt to go with the shift and bodice that she borrowed from Sara.

Please note that there is no paper pattern.  Patterns are a new invention.  So I followed a diagram that Sara drew.  Pins and yardsticks were my guide.  With an assist from the cat, Mr. Chessie.

This is the costume that Phyl cobbled together with what she could beg borrow and er… not exactly steal.  Confiscate.  That’s it.

About half the guests wore costumes at the wedding.

And this is the bride and groom at the Ren Faire wedding with the ring bearer.  That’s right, a Harris Hawk played the part usually taken by a young male relative.  The highlight of the day.

And this is Phyl with the groom a week later when we visited the actual Renaissance Faire outside Annapolis, Maryland.  He’s my Godson as well as nephew and it shows.  We listen to the same music, we read the same books, and we both like to play dress up.  Please note I did reverse the bodice to the more casual brown and left off the Ayrshire embroidery (eyelet) overskirt.

I traveled three thousand miles for this wedding.  Well worth it.


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Ren Faire Wedding Part 2 — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks for sharing that with us, the technical steps as well as the end result. I wish them both the fairytale happy end that this fairytale start deserves ^^.

  2. This is seriously cool. (I, too, designed and made all the wedding party costumes for my wedding, but they were not even remotely authentic, just sort of fantasy elements as I liked ’em)