In Which I Deal With the Realities of E-Publishing

I did this once before to thank you for reviewing La Desperada on Amazon.

Some Enchanted Season by Patricia Burroughs-SomeEnchantedSeason133x200Now I’m offering the same thank you prize for posting a review of Some Enchanted Season on Amazon.

Wait, you say. Isn’t this Book View Cafe? Isn’t Amazon the Evil Other? Or at least, a competitor? Well, you’ll get different opinions on that, even from BVC Authors. But the simple fact is, most sales come from Amazon. More to the point, the higher an author’s visibility on Amazon, the more times Amazon will recommend them to readers who might not have seen their books without said recommendation.

So my way of dealing with that? I offer a $20 gift certificate as a prize to one lucky Amazon reviewer.  But guess what. You don’t have to buy the book on Amazon to review it there.

Here are the two simple rules for eligibility:

1) Post a review of Some Enchanted Season on Amazon before midnight Central Time, US, Halloween. Honest reviews are all I ask for, whether you liked the book or not. Feel free to cut and paste your review from a different site or your book blog if you’ve already posted it elsewhere.

2) Unless you are absolutely positively without a doubt sure that I know how to contact you, email me at planetpooks (at) gmail (dot) com. Because otherwise, if you win and I don’t know how to get your prize to you, I have to draw again.

It’s that easy. Yes, this contest is restricted to people who have read the book and are willing to review it on Amazon, but from time to time I have other contests at that don’t require such things and it all works out.

Contest runs from September 25, 2012 to Midnight Central Time October 31, 2012!

Remember, you can buy the book at Book View Cafe and still review it on Amazon. Thanks!





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