Deleted scenes: sex demon outtakes #2

Nobody can write just one.  I fell in love with [email protected] and had to write more.

My only sorrow is that I didn’t have time or energy to actually create the poll–i.e. name the “new devils” to be added to the HellCEOs group.

Maybe you have some suggestions?  Please include their qualifications–name, birthdate, religion of origin, number of living worshippers, and malignancy categories, e.g. which particular sins they specialize in such as sloth, lust, anger, greed, bissonomy, gluttony, envy, etc.


A new poll has been created for [email protected]

You can access this poll at the link below.

Message from group administrator:

We have two new devils proposed for admission to the group. Please go to the Files section to view their qualifications. Once you have read the file, please vote. You may only vote once, even if you have two or more identities in two or more sects of your religion of affiliation. THIS MEANS YOU, Satan!


Aaand the sequel, It’s Raining Angels and Demons, is now available!



Deleted scenes: sex demon outtakes #2 — 1 Comment

  1. Pro Ana — the cult of Ana definitely feels demonic to me, and she jumped to mind. I know you are using humor in this book to talk about serious things, good and bad, so I’m making this an actual link, so people can see the words in the link. Because a real demonic cult jumped into my mind when I read your joking comment.

    “Explicit” means pictured of young women starving themselves to death. If half of all Americans know someone with an eating disorder, then I think Ana counts as a new malignant influence! One that perhaps should maybe be feared by your demons, as they watch her rise?