The Woman Who Found Herself and other Stories

It’s fun stories from around the world time. First, we have the strange story of the woman on holiday in Iceland who joined the search party looking for her. How could this happen? Very easily in Iceland, apparently, as this is the second case there – a girl helped search for herself in 1954.

It all comes down to clothes. In this latest case, the woman got off the tourist bus and decided to freshen up and change. When she returned to the bus, the other passengers didn’t recognise her, but they all remembered this other woman who had got off the bus and not returned. A search party was organised. Helicopters scrambled. And the ‘missing’ woman, not recognising the description the other passengers gave, joined in the search for herself. The search ended at 3am when the woman realised that, perhaps, she was the one everyone was looking for. As the police said, ‘It’s not her fault. She didn’t realise she was missing.’

In the 1954 case, a young girl in a red coat never returned from a trip berry picking. Largely because she hadn’t been wearing a red coat. But eyewitnesses were certain she had. So she joined in the fruitless, and berryless, search.

Now for the news clippings.

Here’s an ad for a motorbike in Autotrader:

This bike is perfect! Only done 7000 kms and has had its 1500km dealer service. I’m selling it because it was purchased without proper consent of a loving wife. Apparently “do whatever the f*** you want” doesn’t mean what I thought.

Would you eat here:

James Klindt, who spent more than a year in the Quad-City spotlight for murdering and dismembering his wife, has opened a tiny eatery at 4th and Howell in Davenport, called Eats and Sweets.

What not to say when in hiding:

Police checked the area and found an open door in the back. An officer went inside and called out, “Marco.”

Police found the suspect after he responded, “Polo.”

He will be back:

The Learning Center on Hanson Street reported a man across the way who stands at his window for hours watching the center, making parents nervous. Police IDed the subject as a cardboard cutout of Arnold Schwarzennegger.

But this one won’t:

An Australian Army vehicle worth $74k has gone missing after being painted with camouflage.

Brotherly Love:

Waterford boy, 8, saves sister’s life.

“I wouldn’t do it again,” says the hero. “She’s been a pain this week.”

Monday’s child is full of confusion:

Monday classes will be Tuesday because Monday classes are cancelled for President’s Day, so Tuesday’s classes are cancelled to make room for Monday’s Tuesday.

Shock news from the Senate:

Out of 40 women in the Senate, only two were female.

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