In Your Food: Salad – The Healthy Choice (right?)

It’s about time for a nice bowl of fresh greens. What could be healthier? But you have to watch how you dress your salad.

Let’s skip all those raspberry vinaigrettes and other sweet dressings. They’re bound to be full of corn syrup. (Actually, they’re starting to drop the corn syrup and are now merely full of sugar.)

A red wine vinaigrette sounds nice.

Corn syrup. How about Italian?

No syrup, but there’s corn in the maltodextrin.

Fortunately, there’s Annie’s.

Used to be you could only find Annie’s in the health food store, but my local grocery now has a few flavors. The health food store has more. Annie’s had a good line of dressings and their ingredients are generally safe.

Let’s look at some more savory dressings. Here’s ranch:

No syrup, but there’s modified food starch which could contain corn. Also MSG.

Annie’s to the rescue again:

I also like the bottled ranch dressing from Dion’s Pizza. Don’t have a picture, sorry. If you have Dion’s in your area, check out their dressings. They have a great Greek dressing too.

Another savory favorite is bleu cheese:

Seriously? Corn syrup in bleu cheese???

Here’s a safer brand. I don’t love the long list of additives, but I don’t see any corn:

And to finish our salad off, how about some crunchies? I was going to jump all over Craisins, which used to have corn syrup, but they’ve switched to sugar. So the cranberries are OK if you don’t mind extra sugar. Me, I prefer croutons.

Oops. And this isn’t the only brand. Why they put sweeteners into a savory food I have no idea. It annoys me.

Here’s a corn-syrup-free brand:

Or you can make your own.

There are also lots of great ways to make your own salad dressing. Vinaigrettes are easy. For bleu cheese, I like to use fresh cheese crumbled into ranch dressing – I thin it just a little by adding some cream. Or bleu cheese crumbles with vinaigrette are good. Or goat cheese…

Hungry now. See you later.




In Your Food: Salad – The Healthy Choice (right?) — 3 Comments

  1. I don’t get why people buy vinaigrettes. I’ve always made my own. There are tons of yummy recipes for vinaigrettes, they are dead-easy to make, and you know exactly what’s in them!

  2. “And this isn’t the only brand. Why they put sweeteners into a savory food I have no idea. It annoys me.”

    Sugars in croutons (and bread) are there to feed the yeast — without a food source for the yeast, you’d have a brick. And gluten bricks don’t make very good croutons.

  3. Actually, once you cut back drastically on wheat flour, you realize how sweet it is — right before I gave up gluten, I gave up all bread other than sourdough because it had this sweet tang that I didn’t like with hamburgers, etc.! I had to find natural ketchup and finally went for homemade. Americans are pegged on sugar. Wheat and corn are subsidized, so they are another sweet additive.

    I avoid hydrogenated foods, too, so that narrows dressings further. Annie’s can go bad faster, but they usually taste lovely. (I have trouble with canola oil, so I use a couple of dressings I can find at health food stores — only olive oil!)