The Naming of Puppies

After several days of ‘what about x?’ and ‘how about y?’ we hit upon the ideal name for our new puppy on Tuesday evening. “It fits so well,” we agreed. “The perfect name.”

Then we forgot it. It was as though ten minutes of Tuesday evening was wiped from the timeline. Now some people might suspect we had a senior moment. Or too many cocktails. I prefer to suspect that the name was so good that a jealous time traveller raced back through time in order to steal the name and take the credit for its invention. Our minds were selectively wiped, leaving us with a puppy who will forever be called ‘The puppy formerly known as something really cool.’

Now for the pictures.

It’s been an exciting week for the TPFKASRC. First he needed an all-over slobber shampoo. Here we see Asta administering the full tonsil service, enveloping TPFKASRC’s back with his gaping jaws. Don’t try this at home, pups. Asta is a professional and a trained regurgitator in case of accident.

Next we had a close encounter with a herd of dinosaur turkeys. Note how TPFKASRC demonstrates the kennel club approved dinosaur encounter procedure – the advanced Ostrich – and swiftly buries his head in a hole in the ground until the danger passes.

Here we have TPFKASRC learning how to fall at speed. Experts will notice the attempted triple salto with pike. The landing, however, could use some work.

And after a hard day’s training, here we see TPFKASRC relaxing with his rather large friend.

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The Naming of Puppies — 7 Comments

    • He’s very careful 95% of the time, but this is a puppy that is in its bitey stage, plus every now and then he tries to suckle Asta. Asta, being male, takes exception to this. And Asta occasionally oversteps play into boisterousness and the two have to be seperated.

  1. The big question: Has Asta eaten any pointing stones since the little one came home?

    Puppy is as good a name as any. All my dogs have been puppy well into old age.

    • Not yet though he seemed to be rattling something around in his mouth the other day. He swallowed it before we could pounce on him. Several days have now passed and he’s alive – so it couldn’t have been that large or pointy.