In Your Food: Condiments Round 3 – The Meat Department

With all the end-of-summer hoopla going on right now, I felt I needed to address the grill.

“Hello, grill!”

Here are some sauces that many people like on their giant slabs of meat, starting with a classic:

and another:

The store brand has no corn syrup, but it contains my old nemesis, MSG:

I didn’t want steak anyway. How about some luscious barbequed chicken?

I won’t bother to post pictures of the MANY barbeque sauces that contain corn syrup. Suffice to say, it’s most of them. I did find a couple without it at the local grocery store. Here they are:

Note, however, that this first one contains “modified food starch.” Could that possibly include corn? It could. See this definition.

Cornstarch here too.

OK, it’s make-your-own-sauce time. Homemade is better, right?

I have a great barbeque sauce recipe that came out of a magazine. Not wanting to trample anyone’s copyright, I made a feeble attempt to find it online. I failed. Most of the recipes I came across had way too much sugar for me. My recipe uses orange zest, so I searched on that and I found this recipe from Jamie Oliver, which looks comparable and interesting. Just make sure you use corn-syrup-free ketchup.

By the way, I would have won that bet about the hot dogs. Was in the store today, saw a package of franks and read the label. Corn syrup.

Enjoy the end of summer, everyone!




In Your Food: Condiments Round 3 – The Meat Department — 2 Comments

  1. I gave up on processed meat and most sauces a long time ago! Have to give up the family recipe for deviled eggs, because it used Durkee’s and that has all kinds of things I should no longer have, mfs being the biggie right now (might have gluten.) Thank you for a BBQ sauce with orange peel, can’t wait to try —