“Going Alien” Goes Live at Book View Café!

Here at Book View Café, we’re excited to present the second short story collection from one of our newest members, Jeffrey A. Carver! Jeff is best-known as a science fiction novelist, but over the years he’s written his share of short fiction, as well. Going Alien presents six stories from various points in his career, all involving contact with aliens. They run the gamut of moods:

  • Humor — Wrestle a shape-changer in intragalactic competition in “Shapeshifter Finals”!
  • A dark look at the end of the world — Face the “Saviors” in “What Gods Are These?”
  • A stirring, romantic look at the cosmos — Make interstellar love in “Life-Tides.”
  • Striving for communication — How to get through to an exasperating catlike alien, when both his life and yours depend on it, in “Alien Persuasion.”
  • and more

The stories are a delightful change of pace from Jeff’s novels, and each is accompanied by an engaging introduction by the author, telling us a little of how the stories came to be, and how two of them became the basis of novels. Going Alien is a perfect companion book to his first collection, Reality and Other Fictions, which made its debut here in June.

In addition, we’re proud to add to our bookstore Jeffrey’s boxed set, The Chaos Chronicles: Books 1–3, bringing into one volume the first three novels of his popular, character-driven, hard science fiction series: Neptune Crossing, Strange Attractors, and The Infinite Sea.

We hope you’ll give them a try. Free samples are available, and like all of Jeff’s books, they’re available in DRM-free Kindle (.mobi) and Nook/iBooks (.epub) editions.




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