We Haz Puppy (Again)

You may remember the incident with our Pyrenean puppy and the large, pointy stone. Our vet, not having the technology to miniaturise herself and travel through Asta’s intestines in a nano-vehicle (carrying nano-picks and a nano-wheel-barrow), had to operate.

But was this going to be the first of many such operations? Could we stop Asta eating large pointy stones?

An intimation that this might be difficult came within two weeks of the operation. We were at the front gate having a conversation about Asta’s eating habits with a neighbour when Asta decided that re-enactment was worth a thousand words. And picked up a large pointy stone right in front of everybody. Luckily Asta is the kind of dog who doesn’t mind if people leap on him, open his jaws, stick their hands in his mouth and root about a bit looking for treasure.

Neighbours, not so much.

They tend to view the whole event as … troubling. And when they’re not that sure what we’d been talking about anyway as our French isn’t that good… They see it as yet more evidence of the strangeness of the English. They buy large dogs and fight with them over food.

Anyway, back to the large pointy stone problem. How were we going to cure Asta of this habit. One theory went: He does it because he’s bored. Therefore find him a companion to play with.

Shelagh liked this idea. I saw a flaw. What if Asta teaches the other dog the delights of large pointy stones? We’d have double the vet bill!

The debate raged. And in the meantime Asta had to wear a muzzle in the garden. Which worried the neighbours even more. They’d walk by and see Asta sat on the lawn looking like a furry Hannibal Lecter.

So yesterday we got a puppy. Shelagh was only supposed to look at the puppy – it was only 6 weeks old – and put down a deposit. She came back with both – a puppy and several deposits.

So what kind of breed is he? Well, he’s a Griffador or maybe a Labrafon. That’s a cross between a Labrador and a Griffon. That’s the canine Griffon, not the eagle/lion cross. Thank God. Canine Griffon info can be seen here

So far the cats gave staged a walk out and Asta has taken it all pretty well. He’s tried to play with the puppy but Asta’s a million times larger and his idea of playing is bouncing all over the puppy, licking his eyeballs, and coating him in slobber. The puppy – as yet unnamed – has taken most of it in his stride and has even started yipping and biting back.

Here’s a picture of the two – and, no, this is not a trick of perspective, this is a nose to nose meeting. Asta really is that much bigger.

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We Haz Puppy (Again) — 6 Comments

  1. PUPPY!

    (Sorry. Certain things reduce me to 3-year-old status.)

    That is one cute animal. Or maybe two cute animals, although Asta appears too stately to be “cute.” I hope the puppy provides years of distraction for Asta and his eating disorder.

    PUPPY! (Sorry.)

  2. What Mad said.


    I am in serious envy having been reduced to one miserable cat and a Siamese at that.