Olympic Fun and Games

With so much sporting excellence on display at the London Olympics, I thought I’d hunt down some fun videos of sporting not-quite-so-excellent moments.

The javelin was my first choice. I remember watching an athletics meeting on the TV many years ago when a medal ceremony was interrupted when a javelin hit the podium. Suspicion fell on the person who came fourth in the event:)

Unfortunately Youtube doesn’t have that video. It has several javelin ‘accidents’, but most are not so much funny as frightening – with other competitors being accidentally speared. And then suffering the indignity of being told to keep still while they measured the distance.

Here’s one funny javelin moment though. And no one gets hurt.


Hurdles are a good source of accident material. Here’s an athlete who either has no idea of the rules of the 110 metre hurdles or whose brain has been taken over by a small boy in the crowd.


How not to throw the hammer. It’s the Highland Games version.


Here’s his wife:


Here’s a good compilation of sporting bloopers:


Sometimes falling flat on your face in front of 80,000 people is not the end but the beginning of your humiliation. Beware the incompetent stretcher-bearer.


They’re everywhere.


And to conclude, here we have a classic Olympic moment. It’s Derek Redmond in the 400 metres. This is not funny. It’s inspirational. And a tearjerker – so be warned. But it’s well worth watching and is probably the best example of a runner’s determination to finish a race at all costs. And of a father’s love for his son.


Never give up.

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