Silly Season

As my comrades behind the scenes at BVC discuss misheard lyrics (Bathroom on the Right, anyone?) and misread book titles (Torched by an Angel!), I realized we’re in the heart of the Silly Season. Traditionally, this applies to news—a time when Congress and Parliament are out slapping backs and kissing babies and newspapers are frying eggs on sidewalks to create news.

With this heat wave/drought summer (and appalling rain in London!), tempers are snapping, and the news is anything but frivolous. I almost long for the days when reporters baked cookies on car dashboards. Instead, we’re being fed one grim reality after another, and none of it will go away. Well, some of it might go away if Congress apparently hadn’t declared the entire year a Silly Season, but that’s more grim news, and I don’t want to talk about that either.

I want my carefree summer back. If Congress can walk out pretending summer is here and the living is easy, why shouldn’t I?

So let’s dive into some humorous books and swim around with silliness for a while. I assume all of you who drive by this blog are acquainted with our humor page:

Chris Dolley’s level of humor dominates the store for good reason. I think I’ll head over to my Nook and dive into What Ho! Automaton again just to warm up and get ready for the long swim. Maybe I should pick up one of my P.G. Wodehouse books first to prepare for Chris’s book. Thinking about Jeeves and Wooster makes me feel better already.

Over at Goodreads, they have a fascinating Adult Humor section:

I can’t claim to have read much on the list, but I can say I adored the first MaryJanice Davidson book I read, where the beauty queen newly-turned vampire picked up a wannabe rapist and flung him against the wall, shocking herself as much as the baddie. And Carl Hiaason’s humor is pretty far out there and probably appreciated more by Floridians as he bashes every stereotype in existence.

Oh, and here’s a great fun list for the more literary-minded among us:

Oh go ahead, Google “Humorous Books” and dive in the deep end. Or give us some recommendations from your “favorites” shelves. Let’s laugh ourselves out of the doldrums!




Silly Season — 4 Comments

  1. One I’ve found unexpectedly funny in spite of the subject matter is George Macdonald Fraser’s Quartered Safe Out Here. I expected some humor going in. Fraser was famed for that. But the Burma campaign at the end of WW II is not exactly a yuk-it-up subject, and yet Fraser brings out the lighter shades as well as the dark. Last night I read a passage concerning Shakespeare that hearkens back to Kipling’s funny-yet-grim “The Janeites.”

  2. Interesting. Even with Fraser’s way with words, it’s not a subject I’d find appealing on a good day. I hadn’t even realized he’d written about Burma. But humor comes in the unexpected, I guess. Thanks!

  3. If you like Fraser, try “The General Danced ’til Dawn.” More a collection of themed short stories but fun, especially if you have ever been to a highland games.

  4. I’ve skipped the short stories but I adore highland games. I just did a quick check and it’s available in several used paper editions. If anyone was perfect for e-editions, it would be Fraser! Shame on his publisher.