Princess Dancer at the Film Festival

So the mini film/book teaser is still not done and we’re already scheduled for a film festival.

How does a book teaser get scheduled for a film festival? Well, promise to do a couple of live performances in conjunction with the screening and they might take your application seriously. Point out the fact that the talent and locations used in the film are all local and that will pretty much sew up your slot. That’s how we did it anyway.

So October 25th our dancers will be performing the swing portion of Princess Dancer at the opening event of the Reading, PA film festival. And then during the short film portion of the festival a couple of days later, our dancers will perform the Dance of the Dead in conjunction with the screening of our film.

What does that mean for me? Well, I had just retrieved my sanity from the hell that was the shoot logistics and now I’ve got to go back and start scheduling rehearsals, find rehearsal space, urge people to learn the dance before they get to rehearsal, bug Carlos to finish his choreography (swing), bug Rachel to make herself available for brushups on her choreography (Dance of Dead), figure out what costume materials we managed to save and what we’re going to have to spring for to outfit everyone again, try not to lose my temper, hope everyone shows up for the performances. And oh yeah, keep bugging the editors to finish the dang thing so there will actually be something to show during the festival. And please god make the aspect ratio not only be correct on the DVD but also have the guy in the projection booth know how to play it back at the correct aspect ratio without asking me a lot of questions. I hate these details. I hate how so much of this is riding on other people. I hate how they’re so much more talented than I am so I have to depend on them. I hate that I keep getting these fantastically cool ideas. I hate how I take these cool ideas seriously.

I cannot wait to get started.

Stay tuned.

Sue Lange

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Princess Dancer at the Film Festival — 2 Comments

  1. Wishing you the best and looking forward to the next update on the progress of the project(s).

    What it takes to do even the most simple film or television production is boggling.

    Love, C.