Padawan’s Journal #44: Squeeee!

Monday, I think it was, I got a ping from my friend Bryan and the Star Wars fan site Knight’s Archive saying, “You’re aware, aren’t you, that the cover of your upcoming novel, THE LAST JEDI was just revealed at Comic Con?”

No, I wasn’t aware. This is likely because the marketing part of a major book publisher does not communicate to the editorial department and thereby to the writers, but hey, he sent me a link to the cover.

Ta-da! There it was. With our hero, Jax Pavan, in glorious color, pretty much as I described him to my editor when she sent a hurried “Quick! We need to know what Jax looks like at this point!” I included a scene from the book that I thought was way cool and which the cover artist captured metaphorically in his painting.

What’s that? No, I’m not gonna tell you anything about the scene.

No, I’m not gonna tell you what Jax is doing or why he’s doing it under the inimical gaze of Darth Vader.

I just want you to sqeeeee along with me in close three part harmony.

The book is coming out in March of next year and will probably now inspire a new series of Padawan’s Journal entries. <grin>



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