Dang, It’s Great to Be Here!

Jeffrey A. CarverToday marks my book launch at Book View Café, and I’m excited! It’s great to join this cool and many-talented bunch of writers. In celebration, I’m making this the premier release of my first-ever short story collection, Reality and Other Fictions!

Though I’m new to BVC, I’m not a stranger to ebooks. Some of my backlist books have been available in ebook for many years. But my hands on adventure began a few years ago, when my novel Sunborn was forthcoming in print from Tor Books. Sunborn was in a tough spot. It was book four in a series, The Chaos Chronicles, which had been interrupted by a gap of more than ten years. This, in publication terms, is close to a death spiral. The first three books were out of print, and to all but my most die-hard fans, mostly forgotten. If I didn’t do something drastic, Sunborn was going to have a mighty short run.

So I brought out the first three books as ebooks. And I gave them away, to get people interested in the series again. For about two years, they were free for the download from my website, and other sites as well. By the end of that time, tens and tens of thousands of copies were downloaded. People began to write to me—people who had never heard of my books before. And many of them asked when they could start buying my ebooks. Say what?

Something else happened. In the course of testing my own, I discovered that I really liked ebooks! In fact, I became a complete convert. I used an old PDA, and when it broke, I bought a newer old PDA on Ebay. I got a Sony Reader. Later, I got a 10-inch Android tablet. I use them all, even now. I love ebooks! One thing I especially loved was downloading some of my childhood favorites, books that had fallen out of copyright, books like the Tom Corbett Space Cadet series, and Andre Norton classics.

I eventually took the hint from my readers, and in the fall of 2010 I stopped most of the free downloads. Instead, I started releasing books through the new venues such as the Kindle store and Barnes and Noble’s Pubit program. By the following year, every one of my novels was available in ebook form, one way or another, and I’d created two omnibus volumes, or boxed sets, of novels that belonged together: Over the next few months, I’ll be bringing them all proudly into the BVC store, where I’m sure they’ll be in fine company.

But right now, I’m mainly thrilled to have my story collection brought to life at last—and delighted to have it make its debut here!

Reality and Other Fictions is the first of two collections. It has many wonders. It does not have aliens. The second, Going Alien, brings together my stories that do have aliens. Look for that in August.

And thanks, many thanks, for the warm welcome!



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  1. I knew I had heard the name before – I ran across your ebook editions when I first got into ebooks in 2008/2009. The more the merrier ^^ – BVC for ever!

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