BVC at the Movies: Princess Dancer Teaser for the Teaser

I’ve been out of the country for a few weeks so I haven’t been able to make updates on the Princess Dancer teaser progress. My mind has been on the project, though. I took my laptop with me and while I was away, I put together a little montage of stills and clips of video that I had taken backstage during the shooting. For the backing track, I used the swing music from Ever So Klever that the dancers used in rehearsal. This music will not be used in the final short film, but the band gave me permission to include it in my teaser of the teaser.

It took me all week to finally get the thing loaded onto YouTube. It’s a 3 minute video, but Youtube kept telling me it was too long. They have a limit of 15 minutes. I couldn’t figure out what the heck was the problem until this morning. Apparently, in the editing stage, while I was fumbling around and adding more clips and cutting and pasting and deleting and shortening and moving stuff around, I left a few short pieces at the very end of the timeline which turned out to be about 30 minutes in. I had deleted so much stuff in between my actual finished product and those last little bits, I had no idea they were there. All I saw on my screen was about 3 minutes of video and a big, dark space after that. I assumed Final Cut ignored all that, but of course it didn’t. Final Cut’s mandate is to do what the human tells it to do until further notice.

Finally somebody at Youtube got back to me and told me my video was 30 minutes long. A quick check verified that. I clipped out the back end and voila, the thing loaded like a roadie.

Check ‘er out:

Tracy Schott, the producer, has a little sneak peak at her facebook page, as well. That’s her photo at the top of this post. I snagged it from her site because I think it’s so groovy. Take a look at what she’s got here:

Hey, if you’re interested, the Princess Dancer story is available right here at BVC in the Beyond Grimm anthology. And it’s half price this week as part of the grand opening celebration of our bookstore. Get ’em while they’re hot.




BVC at the Movies: Princess Dancer Teaser for the Teaser — 5 Comments

  1. OMG that is so awesome!!! Totally squee-worthy!

    Now I will regain control of myself and behave more like a professional editor, basking in the delight of seeing a print story I edited blossom into another medium. I love the contrast of the Dancers and the dancers, and the wigs are way cool.

  2. Glad you like the wigs, Deborah. The director changed his mind twice. We started with Marilyn Monroe, then we went to Lady Gaga, and we ended up with this. It was the best choice by far.