American Women Writers National Museum

By Brenda Clough
People near Washington DC are invited to a panel discussion on Friday downtown at the American Women Writers National Museum.  We will be discussing women in SF and Fantasy.  I didn’t even know there was a museum for women writers, but obviously it’s a great idea.  The nation’s capital is stiff with museums, and this new addition needs love and support if it’s going to grow and thrive.

So turn out if you can, and come up to me and say hi.  The first person who mentions this blog post to me will get a free e-book!  Have a piece of paper or a card with your email on it, so I can send it to you.  And you could note on it ‘Antarctica’ or ‘Detective’, so that you can get either Revise the World or Speak To Our Desires.  With luck our spiff new bookstore, with Atomic Coupon Capacity, will be on line and able to serve your download needs.

My newest novel Speak to Our Desires is out exclusively from Book View Press.

I also have stories in Book View Cafe’s two steampunk anthologies, The Shadow Conspiracy and The Shadow Conspiracy II, as well as in BVC’s many other anthologies, including our latest, Beyond Grimm.



About Brenda Clough

Brenda W. Clough spent much of her childhood overseas, courtesy of the U.S. government. Her first fantasy novel, The Crystal Crown, was published by DAW in 1984. She has also written The Dragon of Mishbil (1985), The Realm Beneath (1986), and The Name of the Sun (1988). Her children’s novel, An Impossumble Summer (1992), is set in her own house in Virginia, where she lives in a cottage at the edge of a forest. Her novel How Like a God, available from BVC, was published by Tor Books in 1997, and a sequel, Doors of Death and Life, was published in May 2000. Her latest novels from Book View Cafe include Revise the World (2009) and Speak to Our Desires. Her novel A Most Dangerous Woman is being serialized by Serial Box. Her novel The River Twice is newly available from BVC.

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