Writing in the Digital Age: Hard Data, Numbers and Mark Coker of Smashwords

I have my indie backlist books distributed to Sony, iBooks, Kobo, etc. through Smashwords.com. So I keep up with what Mark Coker, CEO of Smashwords, has to say about the marketplace. Today, I’m sharing some VID (very important data).

Mark coker spread the word about some very interesting statistics during his presentation at the RT Booklovers convention this year. He, being the generous soul he is, then shared the info through slide share, and even provided information on how to share it with others. So now there is a nice SlideShare show of his data below. Pretty cool, huh? The digital age does often deliver information in mind-blowing ways.

Mark, because he works with indie authors, tailored his information for the indie market. However, there’s no reason that publishers (big or small) can’t learn from it. The data is all about how readers choose the books they read, and how books have a long tail life cycle (if they aren’t killed off by traditional publishing sales and distribution in the short tail).

I don’t think all of this is cut and dried. Maybe in 4-5 more years we’ll really know what drives readers. I talked to someone this morning who is doing something really exciting in the book marketing arena that the digital age has made possible. I’ll dish about that in a few weeks. But, for now, this data can help those of us who are trying to figure out whether to panic at a sales dip, or whether to take a deep breath and stay in it for the long tail.
Me? I’m in it for the long tail. For reals. Deep breath.
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