Release Day! ETERNAL out today from BVC

EternalEven after fifteen years of writing novels, having a new book come out gives me butterflies in the stomach.  Eternal is a young adult fantasy, a sequel to Immortal which came out about a year ago from BVC.  It was fun to write, and it’s always fun to hear what readers think of a book. (Well, almost always.)

Like other BVC members, I’m interested in getting reviews up at Amazon and seeing if that makes a difference.  The magic number is 20 reviews, and the book I’m experimenting with is Immortal.  I’m offering a free ebook of Eternal to anyone who posts a review of Immortal until it gets up to 20 reviews. It doesn’t have to be praise – the book isn’t everyone’s cuppa. I’d just like to see 20 reviews up there and see what happens.

If you’d like a free ebook of Eternal, post a review of Immortal at Amazon and then comment here so I know you’ve done it (and if you review under a name I won’t recognize, be sure to point that out for me).  Thanks!





Release Day! ETERNAL out today from BVC — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Pati – I won a copy of Immortal last year through a contest you ran here. I quite enjoyed it, so I was happy to post a review for it on Amazon (I think that might be my first one… ). It’s up under the nickname Sanderling.