How about a big $20 thank you opportunity for my reviewers?

You might wonder why a blog post for Book View Cafe is going to start out promoting reviews on Amazon. Well, it’s a simple fact that Amazon is the big Kahuna. Authors like to have money to buy lattes and maybe even pay bills, and having a hefty chunk of reviews on Amazon gets attention and leads to more sales.

I hope I haven’t burst any bubble-licious dreams of authors in penthouses with views of Central Park (or Hyde Park) who are above all things filthy lucre.

Anyway, in an attempt to get more than 20 (or 40 or 100!) reviews for La Desperada on Amazon, I have devised a contest and you–yes, you!–can become eligible to win $20 worth of the books of your choice from the online book source of your choice!

If you have already left a review there, you are already entered if I know who you are, though it would be best if you responded to this blog entry to make sure I know how to contact you if you win.

If you’ve read La Desperada but haven’t left a review yet, feel free to leave an honest review–I’m a pro and I’m not going to cry if you didn’t like it. In a perfect world a negative review would acknowledge that the book wasn’t without some redeeming merit, or at the least if you aren’t the target audience that would be a good thing to note, but honestly those are not requirements. Just give it an honest review and come here and post a reply to this blog entry so I know it’s you.

If you haven’t read it, well, that’s easy to remedy! It’s available for Kindle or any other device on Amazon or at Book View Cafe.

On May 1 (Mayday! Mayday!) I will have a drawing for the winner of a $20 gift certificate to Amazon, or another online book source if you prefer!


There is a second place!

A gift certificate for the Book View Cafe e-book of your choice.


There could and there is!

A separate contest for those who sign up as new email subscribers to my blog, planetpooks. [Look at the top of the sidebar on the right.] I will take the names of all the new subscribers, have a drawing, and one of you will also win a gift certificate for the e-book of your choice from Book View Cafe!

So, what are you waiting for? Two ways to win!

Leaving reviews is sharing the love of books, and that’s a wonderful outcome whether there is a contest involved or not.

Patricia Burroughs is an award-winning screenwriter
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About Patricia Burroughs

Patricia Burroughs [aka Pooks, and yes, people really call her Pooks] is a fifth-generation Texan who loves books, football, dogs, movies, England, and traveling in her [email protected] camping trailer. She lives in Dallas, Texas with her high school sweetheart and believes in happily ever after, if you understand that it takes work, compromise, and sometimes just being too stubborn to quit. Visit her bookshelf at the BVC Ebookstore.


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