Willard’s Favorite Year

When former governor Willard “Mitt” Romney repeats his campaign catch phrase, “Take Back America,” and reminisces about how wonderful America was before it all changed for the worse, I wish somebody would ask him exactly what year he was waxing nostalgic about.

Not 2012, apparently.

Probably not 2001.

Maybe 2000, the year it became clear that the Republican Party (or the billionaire overlord contingent) owns SCOTUS lock stock and barrel. But, my gosh, women and people of color are awfully uppity in 2000.

So probably not 2000.


Probably not 1984.

People might look too closely at Reagan’s disastrous policies. Or actually reread 1984.

Probably not 1973 (Roe v. Wade).

Probably not the Summer of Love.

Probably not 1965 (Griswold v. Connecticut).

But 1953, now there was a good year. If you were a rich white guy. It was good even if you were “only” a middle-class white guy. Eisenhower had beaten Stevenson, the Cold War was nicely in progress, HUAC and Joe McCarthy had people either terrified or blacklisted. Women had been kicked out of jobs they’d been performing with complete competence; women were told they were no longer competent to do any of those jobs; women should stick to cooking and having as many children as physically possible (or, in some cases, impossible).

In 1953 if you were a four-eyed tomboy science geek (that would be me), all you heard was “Girls can’t do that.” “Girls don’t do that.” “Girls shouldn’t do that.”

“You shouldn’t even want to do that.”

Yeah, the year Willard “Mitt” Romney wants to take us back to has pretty much got to be 1953.



Willard’s Favorite Year — 13 Comments

  1. Yup, 1953 was the year, just about every small town had folks involved in operation Skywatch. In my hometown Tekoa Wash. they built a little building just on the other side of the tennis court behind the old high school. Found an episode of Fibber Magee and Molly when I googled Operation Skywatch. http://tinyurl.com/725fvff what a hoot.
    Unfortunately it isn’t just Willard who is trying to take back America. I really wish that just once in a while they would remind us of what is right with the country and then get out and do it.

  2. He’s just the man to do it, too, since he values making money from closing down companies and laying off staff (especially those uppity women who should be home making babies and casseroles).

    I hope women voters pay attention and vote accordingly (not just in the presidential election, but at every level). If we don’t shut the door to disenfranchising women again, it could easily happen (I know there are people who think that’s a silly fear, but since I was young and idealistic during the ERA Amendment years…I don’t).

    • Ditto, Kelly. I can’t have children, so I don’t have a horse in this particular race for myself. But I dread hearing the numbers of women dying from illegal abortion starting up again. I have younger women I care about.

      And I’m going to have to work the rest of my life, or live in a tree, so I want to stop this nonsense before it impacts the people who are the wage earners for so many single parent households…the women.

  3. I’d guess 1919 — women didn’t have the vote, and thus hardly any other rights either, including owning her own business, and neither did people of color, while D.W. Griffith helped re-vitalize the KKIK to make sure the NAACP wouldn’t make any more headway than it already had though lynchings were happening on the average of one every 3 – 4 days, Wall Street hadn’t crashed and exposed the corruption of the rich people who ran it all — without income tax.

    It was GOOD to be a white man — even though there still weren’t antibiotics and dentistry was still primitive.

    Love, C.

  4. Before it impacts women? Scott Walker just signed into law the end of lawsuits about pay discrimination in Wisconsin, ending equal pay for equal work.

    All this has affected women everywhere enormously and has been since the 90’s.

    And now the same people are taking the war on women to England. Scroll down to the last part and the link there: the top part is about the science break through that I’m sure can’t be good for women either in how it will be applied.

    Love, C.

  5. There’s a nice little picture making the rounds on Facebook, which says something like, Every politician came into the world via a woman. And women can get him out. So vote, ladies. Vote!

  6. I think it might be earlier than 1919, Foxessa. I’d put it before 1916 — that’s when we adopted the constitutional amendment allowing federal income tax. He doesn’t seem to like taxes much. In fact, given his business history, I think Mitt is probably thinking of the Gilded Age.

  7. I was thinking of FDR’s income tax about which they are still howling and dismantling via loopholes. And the social safety net he created, which they are dismantling so effectively that in many places, and for many citizens, it barely exists at all.

    And all the rest of it — such as Scott Walker signature on the bill that repeals legal cases on wage discrimination, i.e. no more equal pay for equal work.

    Love, C.

  8. And eeeks, I maybe wasn’t clear: the U.S. has had more than one income tax passed by Congress during its history, and then repealed. For instance, the first United States income tax was imposed in 1861 to fund the initial Union war effort. It was repealed and replaced by yet another income tax in 1862.

    And others: http://www.loc.gov/rr/business/hottopic/irs_history.html


    But as of yet none of the corps were having to contribute to the general good of the safety net, with Social Security taxes and so on, which FDR, the archfied of hell (to quote Andy Jackson re John Quincy Adams and abolition) imposed upon the sacred corpii of the corps.

    Love, C.

  9. What an excellent collection of ideas! Secession comes to mind. All the unhappy states could join together and form the treasonous second confederacy. Arizona could actually make its own immigration and emigration laws to keep the rest of us out.

    Together these states could figure out how to fund all those unwanted children that the unwilling to inform their children states seem to have–wait I think California was 7th! oh dear! but fortunately I do think California would stay in the union as it did before. You never know though. That initiative process can just take over.

    Frankly, I want to recapture 1964. Yes there was an unwelcome war, but there was real and honest opposition. There were some real steps forward for the disenfranchised. I genuinely liked Lyndon’s family and definitely Hubert Humphrey.

    Great memories–Best J

  10. Dear Vonda,

    It seems to me like this issue is of going back to the 2000 election or the day after 911. I think it is only incidental that elitists can be racists, sexists or culturists. The deep issue is that they are authoritarian and support the institutions of corporate privilege. And ultimately they will be of all races, sexes, and cultures. There is nothing like war to justify the killing of millions and shifting of privilege to the few.