Seattle Sunset Photos

I was out at Shilshole, in Seattle, and grabbed the sunset with my Droid. The mountains are the Olympics, on the other side of Puget Sound (the Salish Sea) and Hood Canal from Seattle.

by Vonda N. McIntyre


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Seattle Sunset Photos — 5 Comments

  1. The Seattle channel 4 weather blog guy, Scott Sistek, has some much better photos and an explanation of what’s going on with the shadows of the mountains across the sky:

    As far as my photo is concerned, if you click on it to get the bigger picture, you can see the shadows better.

    Glad you enjoyed it! It was amazing to see. I was having dinner with some friends at Ray’s Boathouse on Sunday evening and we were hoping it would be clear enough to see the moon, Venus, and Jupiter, which had been spectacular the night before. We got this sunset instead — a pretty good trade! Half a dozen people, including me, jumped up from our tables and went out on the deck to get a good picture.

    I wish my camera hadn’t died. I had it for only about two years before it gave up the ghost. My dad had a Leica that he got probably in the early 1950s; both my sister and I used it in the 1960s-1970s. I think it still works fine.

    Still, the camera in the Droid is pretty good, considering it’s a camera in a phone…