Virginia General Assembly Compressed Novel

I was moderately pleased with myself for putting a novel into 140 characters, including the disclaimer (“Fiction”). (This used to be called a compressed novel and was usually of short-story length.)

I’m fond of Twitter (it’s very good for late night haiku, in particular), but it scrolls by so fast, and then it’s hard to find anything. So, here’s a reprint. I’m tempted to make it into a small little teeny tiny eentsie ebook, but that would be silly.

Tweet Fiction: Perhaps Virginia General Assembly members are Space Aliens who have figured out how to probe humans and get us to pay for it.



Virginia General Assembly Compressed Novel — 2 Comments

  1. If you’re right, I suppose the next thing will be required prostate sonograms. I mean, the aliens are surely interested in both sexes, right?

    Though I can’t quite figure out how the required blow-by-blow description fits into all this.