Iran Cracks Down On Barbie

Like many I was shocked to read today about the Morality Police raids on shops in Iran. Apparently Barbie, with her wardrobe of scanty miniskirts, is considered an affront to modesty by Iranian clerics. She was first banned in 1996 but her popularity has not dimmed. For the past 16 years she has been living undercover and moving from shop to shop.

Even the attempt to supplant Barbie – by introducing the government approved Hijab Barbie (aka Aya) – failed spectacularly… after the incident with Ken, and all those pictures. And who can forget the horror of Aya’s public stoning?

Burka Barbie didn’t fare any better – the arranged marriage, Ken up to his tricks again, the honour stoning.

Sightings of Barbie since 1996 have been legion. Stories of Headscarf Barbie addressing rallies, putting on impromptu fashion shows and waving to crowds from the back seat of her pink town car have filled the twitterverse.

Some say that this latest crackdown by Iran is in retaliation against the West’s threat to impose tougher sanctions. A spokesman for the Iranian Ministry of Culture and Hemlines even hinted that Barbie’s fate lay in the hands of her evil Zionist puppet pimpmasters – Obama and Cameron. “The sanctions must be lifted immediately,” he said. “Or there will be trouble for your pink friend.”

Latest reports from inside Iran agree that, despite the large number of police raids, Headscarf Barbie is still at large.

And as for Ken, he’s keeping a low profile. And growing a beard.

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