Introducing Weird Science

By Sue Lange

It has been said that my book, Tritcheon Hash, is full of  weird science. Jets that can change the speed of light? Breathable chloroform? Human males that are sensitive? Ridiculous.

I agree, but really, when it comes to weird, nothing beats reality. No matter how strange, entertaining, or funny science fiction is, reality is stranger, funnier, and more entertaining. And I’ll prove it to you. Every day in December in my Singularity Watch blog, I posted a new entry on the weirdest thing I came across in the world of science that day. I’m not talking about glow-in-the-dark puppies or downloadable brains either. I’m talking about really weird things like scientists manufacturing the perfect-sized raindrops so they can bomb mosquitoes just to see how they’ll react. (see photo from the Oct. 29 issue of New Scientist, right). Seriously, no science fiction writer can possibly top stuff like that. The world is full of it and I proved it. Because my commentary was so fresh, exciting, and important, I feel it merits reposting here at Book View Cafe. Not every day, though. Just once a week. 31 posts over 31 weeks. There is just so much fabulousness the readers of the Book View Cafe blog should be exposed to in short periods of time. Once a week is enough.

Happy New Year!

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