Writers Workshops–Viable Paradise

by Sherwood Smith

It’s January of a new year–people are making resolutions all over, including about writing. If you are a writer who keeps getting “almost there” rejections–if you love writing but figure you need some pro grade polish–if you love writing and really need a week of immersion, including one-on-one sessions with pros to discuss your piece, how about a week on beautiful Martha’s Vineyard? I mean, come on, whenever else are the likes of us ever going to get a chance at that exclusive playground–which is every bit as beautiful as advertized.

There is data here about Viable Paradise, including the nitty gritty about application and costs. You can go there for that. What I’d like to do here is discuss the experience, so I hope that alums will come forward and talk about it. And if you want to discuss aspects that you had questions with, that’s fine, too–though I loved it, and think it’s a great opportunity, that doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t be a dialogue about how it can best fit each writer.

I’m still thinking about my experience there. I learned so much during my lovely week, including just thinking, as I rode my rental bike (they are very reasonable) along the sea wall and into glorious pathways poised for the colors of autumn.

For me, the lesson is always about communication–both on paper and with people. Getting ideas outside my head so that others can make sense of them is always a challenge. The exchange of ideas, new ways of approaching process–all these are things I’ve been thinking about. I discovered that I need to be better at specifics, that generalities aren’t any more convincing even when dressed in superlatives for emphasis.

Anyway, discussion open, if anyone is of a mind.

(Photo is of editor Teresa Nielsen Hayden, during a contemplative moment in one of the gardens, taken by me on one of our group bike rides)



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  1. I went to one of the earlier VPs, at the behest of Kate Salter Jackson, who has been helping with it for some years. It was great fun! And such a beautiful area of the world.