Happy Birthday, Professor Tolkien!

Not quite up to the Old Took yet, at 120 today, but well on his way to immortality.

In honor of the day, please feel free to leave messages in the comments. And have second breakfast, and a lunch or two or three; a heaping bowl of mushrooms, a brimming pint, and perhaps a bit of sponge cake and a wheel or two of cheese. Then lift a glass, sing a song or tell a story.

Here is mine, written for his Centennial. I hope you enjoy.

To the Professor!




Happy Birthday, Professor Tolkien! — 3 Comments

  1. Aaah, yes, the Grandfather of sci-fi fantasy. Happy Belated Birthday, Prof Tolkien. Even though it took me 3 years to read LOTR, I was reading it in my lunch hours… so that was my main problem with read it… not enough hours in the day to just sit and read it.