And the winners are…

We have five winners in the Tritcheon Hash ebook giveaway contest. Let’s hear it for:

Tom Brush
Alysia Cooper
Patience Mason
Jason Birzer
Chris Robinson

The winners will receive a free subscription to Tritcheon Hash here at BVC (instructions on their way). A subscription comes with unlimited number of downloads of the ebook in the reader’s choice of format (pdf, epub, mobi).

I’d like to thank everyone who participated. If you didn’t win and would like to sample the book, help yourself to the free chapters available in the Book View Cafe bookstore. If you’re feeling randy, go ahead and buy your very own copy ($4.99).

To entice you, here’s a quick blurb:

“Against a vivid sci-fi backdrop, Lange brings a light touch to heavy material, with a fast-paced, funny story to boot.” — Kirkus Reviews

And don’t forget to check out Sue Lange’s 31 days of Weird Science starting December 1st at her Singularity Watch blog.

Sue Lange is a member of Book View Cafe.



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