Free Giveaway at Book View Café

To celebrate the launch of my ebook Tritcheon Hash, BVC is giving away five subscriptions to random fans. For a chance to win a free subscription, send an email to [email protected] with “I want a free Tritcheon Hash ebook” in the subject line. The contest runs through the end of the month, after which we’ll pick five winners at random. As always the BVC subscription allows downloading of the purchased ebook as often as you’d like.

In addition to handing out free ebooks, I’m challenging myself to blog every day of the month of December on the subject of weird science. At my personal blog, Singularity Watch, each day I’ll post the strangest item that I come across in the world of science. I’m doing this not just to celebrate the weird science and lapses of logic that makes Tritcheon Hash so endearing, but also to prove that no matter how silly science fiction is, reality is even sillier.

Help celebrate this latest BVC ebook. Enter the contest, read the blog. Buy the book.

Tritcheon Hash is a test pilot in the year 3011. She’s got it all: brains, guts, and a fast jet. But can she survive a mission to planet Earth?

“Against a vivid sci-fi backdrop, Lange brings a light touch to heavy material, with a fast-paced, funny story to boot.” – Kirkus

Sue Lange



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