Writing Conference Rules

It’s the NINC writer’s conference this week (that’s Novelists Inc.), and with beach and folks talking writers as the lure, seemed a good thing to do. But I’ve learned over the years that writers conferences are always a mixed affair. It’s great to get together with other folks and talk writing–and at a good conference you actually do learn things. But these things can be exhausting, too. Being an introvert means being around people all day drains me–add in being around folks all day and most of the evening and I start looking for some place to hide. So I’ve had to learn how to do conferences in a way that works for me. So here are my rules.

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The blurring line between adult and young adult novels

by Sherwood Smith When is an adult book not an adult book? There have been various discussions around the topic of What-is-YA-and-what-is-not,  including here. The line blurs for some of us oldsters when books we were told as youth were … Continue reading