The “Crazy” Ideas of Science Fiction

Today’s “Room for Debate” in The New York Times has five brief essays on how science fiction foreshadows the future called “An Idea So Crazy It Might Come True.” The contributors are professor,  author, and editor James Gunn; fiction and non-fiction author Daniel H. Wilson; author and editor Sheree Renee Thomas; professor, author, and editor Heather Masri; and author and editor David Hartwell. Unlike many articles on science fiction in “mundane” publications, these pieces are thoughtful and worth reading, probably because all the contributors know their science fiction.

What do Book View Cafe readers think about how science fiction has foreshadowed the future? The comments section is open.


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The “Crazy” Ideas of Science Fiction — 1 Comment

  1. Thank goodness that in every single one of those articles, the writers pointed out that it is not the job of SF to predict the future. Logically, some SF does indeed forecast the future=, since there is a novel somewhere that predicts just about anything.
    The reason why SF is useful in the prediction biz is for just that reason. You can find a novel that tries out any kind of crazy sociological or scientific theme you like. Military matriarchy? Eternal life? Living in trees? Swords on Mars? We can try on all these things, without actually going to the effort and disruption of building treehouses or executing all the men. All it costs is some paper or electrons, so much cheaper and easier!