Creating a Mess

We’re in the process of building a house–it’s passive solar, adobe/straw bale and very cool, and a whole lot of work. And it has reminded me just what a mess the whole creative process is–seems like you can’t make anything without first making a lot of clutter and tearing things up. But, somehow, each time I start any new project, I keep thinking it will be different. I think it’ll be smooth and go as planned. It’s the same when I cook–the kitchen ends up looking like something exploded. Right now the house looks about the same–a skeleton and a whole lot of mess, and it’s going to get worse before it gets better. And it’s just the same when I write.

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A Word or Two to Aspiring Writers (or My Laugh is an Evil Laugh…)

I was going to blog today about books I wish you’d all read, but this morning I finished a book that made the editor in me rear up and tear her hair out. This is a book I could only … Continue reading