Chaz Brenchley Reads! (And Has a New Book Coming Soon)

Rotten RowChaz Brenchley will be reading ghost stories along with Gail-Nina Anderson and Sean O’Brien on Thursday, Aug. 4 at the Lit & Phil in Newcastle upon Tyne at 7 PM. This is part of an ongoing series of twice yearly readings called Phantoms at the Phil, which started in 2004. The “Lit & Phil” — the Literary and Philosophical Library — is 200 hundred-odd years old and bills itself as the largest independent library outside of London. If you’re in the north of England on Thursday, both the reading and a visit to the Lit & Phil would be a great outing.

Chaz’s novel Rotten Row, about “the worst place we’ve made,” is coming in September from PS Publishing. You can preorder a copy now.



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