Gregory Frost Reading in Reading

I’ve corralled Greg Frost into kicking off a reading series I’m hosting in Reading, PA. For years I’ve fantasized about an independent bookstore opening up in my town and in May my dreams came true. I wasted no time meeting up with the owner and suggesting we start a reading series. She was very supportive of the idea.

I love doing events like this and have been trying to get Greg up to our area (he’s closer to Philly than to Reading) for one for about a year. I love his work and can’t wait to hear him read the story he’s got in the recently published “Supernatural Noir,” edited by Ellen Datlow.

What’s really cool about this is that Greg is a fellow BVC member. Things are linking up all over. Borders closes, a new indie store opens, an online cooperative connects fellow writers. I’m pretty sure the world is not going to hell in a hand basket as predicted after all.

If anybody is in the Reading PA area, please stop by Tuesday evening and hear Greg read. Free o’ charge. Details are at my website:

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