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Vampire Chef #1 by Sarah Zettel

By the time I hailed a gypsy cab to get back to Nightlife, the sun was well up and the city was wearing her gaudy daytime face. I felt my sleepless night dragging at me, but I also felt recharged. Fresh food and the fellowship of my community had done their work. Now I could face mine.

I paid off the cabbie at the front door and had to set all four shopping bags full of produce down on the sidewalk while I fished my keys out of my purse. I’d make myself some breakfast and do some experimental cooking until noon. Who knew? Word of our little drama might actually draw in dinner gawkers. We should be ready, just in case. I cranked the lock and shouldered the door open.

And froze.

A man’s body lay sprawled on the floor, right in front of the host station. Its arms were thrown out wide and its blue eyes stared at the ceiling. Its throat had two big red holes sunk deep into the white flesh and it was very obviously dead.

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