A foray into Romance…

…and a new name for the occasion. Why a pseudonym? In this case, obviously, I’m not trying to hide who wrote the book. Just differentiating between my fantasy/sf titles and this romance, which might or might not appeal to f/sf readers.

In Santa Fe Fandango, Matti Glover is thrilled to learn that hot Hollywood heartthrob Antonio Reed is not only filming a movie in Santa Fe, but staying in the exclusive complex where she’s housesitting. She rescues him from a busload of teenage girls, and grateful and intrigued, he asks her for a date. Matti’s caught up in a Cinderella dream come true–until midnight hits and it’s pumpkin time.

You can download a free sample in EPUB or MOBI format (you’ll be asked to log into the BVC website).

Hope you enjoy this summer read!



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