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Founding member of BVC, Phyllis Irene Radford announces  the print release of her new book “Thistle Down” by Irene Radford from DAW books. E-books available at all the usual suspects.

Thistle is a Pixie with a problem.  She lands in Memorial Fountain, stark naked, grown to human size, stripped of her wings, lovely lander skin and most of her magic, on a hot August morning in the middle of morning rush hour.  Mayhem and romance ensue.

You can win a free autographed print copy of this light and fluffy paranormal romance by leaving a comment below.  The winning entry will be chosen from a random selection of comments.  Winner will be announced Monday night around 8 PM PDT with directions for how to claim your prize.

Good luck and happy reading.




CONTEST! Contest! contest — 8 Comments

  1. Fluffy paranormal romance! If this is open to overseas people, too, count me in.

    If not, don’t worry, I have ways to get at the book myself – legally ^o^

  2. So, let me understand this?

    A human sized pixie, naked in a fountain, in the middle of the intersection, at rush-hour?

    Not to sound to cheezy, but that calls for a knight in shining armour, riding an imperial Were-Lion.

    Or at the very least, some dude in a suit to offer her his jacket… oh the possibilities.

    I do so love well crafted cover blurbs. I get instant stories in my head, and half the fun at that point is seeing how the actual story differs from what I’ve imagined…

    Congratulations on the book release, those of us in the trenches oft hold such examples up as inspiration that our time is not merely personal drive, that there might be a chance somebody else will read our imaginings.