Sock It To Me, Beowulf 9

And here we are!  The toe is completely knit up, and I of course have to try it on before the final, final step: weaving the stitches together to close the toe.  You can see the two yellow needles, holding the very last stitches, at the tip of my toes here.  The technical term that professionals use for this final assessment is ass-coverage.  Before going through the painstaking final step, a try-on ensures that the sock will actually fit.  From here there is no going back.  And as you can see  it does fit!  So as long as Alma’s foot really is the same size as mine, we are good to go!

The final stunt in many knitted objects is mysteriously known as Kitchener stitch.  The origins of the name are lost in the mists of time.  It may or may not have anything to do with Lord Kitchener, the English general of WW1.  The stitch itself is fussy, but involves cutting the yarn and threading a darning needle onto the end.  Then the stitches on the two needles are invisibly and permanently woven together.

But it’s not a FO — a finished object — even after the toe is kitchenered.  Remember, socks come in pairs …

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Sock It To Me, Beowulf 9 — 2 Comments

  1. It looks SO COOL. Can’t wait to see these things in the flesh (so to speak)

    I would so wear these things to Norwescon and show them off in the halls – but there’s a whole ‘nother sock to go and the con is in two weeks and I’ll just have to wait until the next convention to flash the socks around the awestruck fans and spread your fame, Brenda…