Book Sale

Founding member of the Book View Cafe, Phyllis Irene Radford, using the pen name Irene Radford announced today that she has sold 3 books to DAW via the Onyxhawke Agency.

The new series will return to her bestselling Dragon Nimbus world and will be called “Children of the Dragon Nimbus,” and picks up where “The Wizard’s Treasure” (DAW Books, 2000) left off.

The first book is due to be turned in February 1, 2012.  The others to follow in 9 month increments.

Here’s the announcement from Publisher’s Market Place.

Children’s: Young Adult
Irene Radford’s three new novels, to Sheila Gilbert of Daw, by Michael Kabongo of the OnyxHawke Agency.

The author says that after a 5+ year break from dragons that the characters, the world, and the voice returned quickly and naturally.  She’s writing about her home now.




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