Evil Genius

I’m taking a huge leap into e-publishing this month, producing my very first original e-book here at bookviewcafe—to be released Tuesday, March 15th.

Evil Genius has been sitting in my computer for a while—the product of a brain explosion, I think. At the time, I was arguing with my agent over what genre I wanted to write in besides romance, and my agent stupidly told me to write what I wanted and not worry about genre. Famous Last Words.  The perversely introverted, wickedly knowledgeable Anastasia Devlin leapt out of my brain full-blown.

The rest of the story took a while longer.  Ana’s voice was so strong, it carried the book in first person, but she’s so—eccentric—that I feared readers would have difficulty relating to her. So after the first volcanic spew of molten story lava, I had to go back in and try to shape the story and the characters.  Once I thought I had it tamed to an entertaining tale, I sent it to my agent, who promptly asked what genre niche I thought it fit in. Silly me. I thought genre didn’t matter.

(Check out http://romancetradingcards.com/ for an Evil Genius trading card. Although it’s called a romance site, there’s fantasy and more.  And note, I used Ana’s “other” name and not her real one.)

Back when I wrote EG, I was writing for two publishers on a tight schedule and simply didn’t have time to figure out where my evil stepchild belonged. But as the years passed and the characters kept nagging at me, I continued to dust off the book and take fresh looks at it. I finally decided my only choice was to gear it toward mystery, although the question of whether I can safely say it’s a family mystery or about a mystery family still remains unanswered. The story is far too unconventional to be called cozy since it involves lost inheritances, a spy in the attic, a very unusual family, and kidnapping, on top of a couple of dead bodies. My protagonists are “citizens of the world” and not easily encapsulated.

So tell me—when you go book shopping, do you head for a specific aisle and browse? Go in with a shopping list from reviews? What would be the best way for authors to reach out and grab you?




Evil Genius — 5 Comments

  1. In the solid world: I head for the SF and Fantasy isle, usually located at the back of the shop so I have to walk through all the other genres to get there. An interesting cover art will catch my eye however.
    I have a list of fave authors, but am always open to new ones, via links from blogs/websites/forums. A ‘download free chapter/s’ offer will also give me a feel for the author’s ‘voice’.
    It is always about having a internet presence, easily navigated web pages , and engaging with the readers.

  2. Well ‘perversely introverted, wickedly knowledgeable’ certainly catches my attention. And who wants to know the plot before they read the book? if the setting’s interesting and the characters good, I’ll go where you want to take me.

  3. Those chapters are very good!

    It will be interesting to see how using two different first person povs and narrators will work out — perhaps there are even more than two?

    Love, C

  4. I just loved Ana and her family – especially the 3rd floor inhabitant! More in this vein, please.