Sock It To Me, Beowulf 5

Well, the nice thing about knitting for yourself (or for someone exactly your size) is that you can try the item on.  Here is the Beowulf sock, all one inch of it, on my own leg. 

Damn if it isn’t on the big side!  What a pity I did not shoot more accurately for gauge!  But I don’t own a pair of 00 needles, and size 0s are eye-wateringly small as it is.  Desperate measures are called for.

However, this is why profound analysis is called for now.  It is better to discover these things one inch in, than it is to knit all the way down the sock, or even — horrors — to turn the heel before blowing the trumpets for retreat.  If I frog it all and reknit, I can fix all the problems. I can knit it one size smaller — luckily the pattern offers me that option.  I can add an inch of ribbing, to compensate for the annoying loose floppiness at the top.  It can be perfect.

When I consider it in this way, it is plain that the perfect is, as they say, the enemy of the good. I don’t think I can not do it.  Afterwards I will have to lie down and recoup my strength, before casting on again.

Next up: Once more into the breach

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Sock It To Me, Beowulf 5 — 3 Comments

  1. Oh dear .. the perils of sizing as you go … this is why I like knitting (and crocheting) things in squares, but I am so impressed with your jumping-in-the-deep-endedness I might consider using …. no! … must not go there, must not …

  2. It seems to be a good week for frogging–2 different projects here; one of them twice. Not that this is anything to be thrilled about.

  3. Well you have to keep on telling yourself that it has to be RIGHT. And really with socks the fit is so important, there is no wiggle room.
    I am a bold and daring knitter, however. As Elizabeth Zimmerman advised, I am the boss of my knitting!