Writing the Paranormal

Steven Harper Piziks would like to announce that has a new book out, his first in non-fiction.  Writing the Paranormal Novel from Writers Digest Books instructs readers on the ins and outs of putting together a book with supernatural elements such as vampires, werewolves, ghosts, dragons, or gates to other words.  The book was published under the name name Steven Harper.

“Even when I write, I have to teach,” said Steven, who also teaches high school English.  “Still, it was a real challenge to put together because I’ve never written book-length non-fiction before.”

The book includes chapters on how to create paranormal characters, avoid cliches, handle pacing, create powerful dialogue, and find both theme and voice.  This is his fifteenth book.  Currently, he’s working on a steampunk novel called The Impossible Cube, set in Victorian Europe.

“Steampunk takes modern technology and puts in the hands of the Victorians,” Steven said.  “It’s brass and steam and pistons and gears instead of microprocessors and keyboards and hard drives.  I get to play with dirigibles and air pirates and giant clanking robots.  What’s not to like?”

The official release date of Writing the Paranormal Novel is March 14, but it’s already found its way to a number of physical bookstores and on-line retailers.  It’s available at Amazon in trade paper and for the Kindle ereader.  You can read an excerpt at Steven’s web site.



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