Sock It To Me, Beowulf 4

It is not essential to have a bunch of tools for a project, but boy! the latest tech is nice!  Here is the chart holder I received for Christmas year before last, now come into its own.   It holds the chart, allowing me to slide the marking magnets up or across to keep my place in the complex pattern.

Since I am knitting the sock from the cuff down, you can see the text of Beowulf is upside down.  I have got about twelve rows in, far enough to see how the work is going to shape up.

But now a number of infelicities are plain.  The top of the sock is scalloped, very pretty but not very elastic.  Is this sock going to fit at the top?  I also do not like the way, in this yarn, the thing curls down, obscuring the lettering.  This is what excessive innovation gets you; the traditional ribbing at the top of socks was not good enough and now we are wandering in the wilderness.  The solution would be to run an inch or so of ribbing directly under the scallops.  But to do this I would have to frog all the work done so far.  (That’s knitter’s cant: it’s called frogging because you rip-it, rip-it.  We’re horrible punsters.) And if I was going to do that, then now would be the time to adjust the size.  The sock seems … large.  Remember I posted about the importance of gauge?  Now it’s coming back to bite me on the butt.

Frogging is drastic.  Such a step should never be taken at the end of a day!  Also I should probably email Alma and send her the diameter of the work to date, so that she can measure her own leg and compare.

Next up: If it were done, when ’tis done,then ’twere well it were done quickly

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Sock It To Me, Beowulf 4 — 3 Comments

  1. Embroiderers use “frogging” too. 🙂 I first heard that one in the mid- or late-90s when for a while I hung out on rec.arts.crafts.needlework.

    I also knit and crochet (although I haven’t done either for a while) and whenever I have to rip out a chunk, I triy to do it at a time when I can re-do the work at least back up to where it was, all in that one session. That way, I don’t have that depressed feeling you get when you look at something you’ve had to tear down and you know you’re in the hole, redoing work you’ve already done. 😛


  2. What fun to follow along with this project! Re: largeness of the sock, the stranded knitting portions will be less stretchy than usual — might this be the issue? The largeness might be needed to make it wearable. Or not.

  3. So true, Astrid. The stranding does indeed make it less stretchy. In its current incarnation it does fit me, so I can only hope that Alma is not MUCH slimmer or fatter than I am!