Sock It To Me, Beowulf 2

The trick with socks is that they have to actually suit the wearer.  Fit, wear, fiber — all these things are issues.  So the first thing I had to discuss with Alma is the materials.  The pattern was easily acquired from the web site as a pdf.  The recommended yarns, however, are no longer available in suitably Olde English colors.  Can we imagine the text of Beowulf in hot pink, on an off white background?  Heaven forfend!

However, the universe is very very full of yarn, so extraordinarily well supplied that the trick is to find ONE yarn, not A yarn.  In this case it is important to choose a sock yarn, which is especially formulated (usually with a mixture of nylon) for wear and machine-washability.  To save on conversion calculations I want a yarn that is pretty close to the size and style of the yarn recommended in the pattern.  There are also ways to increase the longevity of crucial areas like the heels and the toes by carrying along a strand of something enduring.  Either wooly nylon or polyester sewing thread are popular choices for this.  I haven’t decided whether to do this yet, but luckily it’ll be a while before I have to make up my mind.

The advent of online shopping makes it relatively easy to come to an agreement.  Alma and I came to a consensus on on this sock yarn, a deliciously luxe choice with its buttery merino component.  And here it is!  The yarn arrived in the mail, and the colors are perfect — a nice dark inky hue for the letters, on a antique-looking tan background. I have sets of double-pointed sock needles in a couple sizes.  Now everything is in train for starting to knit — almost!

Next: Swatching

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Sock It To Me, Beowulf 2 — 2 Comments

  1. I’m looking forward to reading more about the Beowulf sock project; C.E. Murphy pinged me about this as well, as a knitter, and I lurk here and was pleased as punch to see someone had taken up the baton. The socks look pretty nifty, and I’m looking forward to seeing how they turn out! 🙂