A Padawan’s Journal #37: Real Men Don’t Use Maps…

imageDB.cgiI’m booking a tour for our holostar, see, and I’m deeply involved in looking at the layers and layers of solar systems, worlds and space lanes in the GFFA. Alderaan is a central and civilized Core world, so is Corellia, where my hero is from. But out beyond the Core and the Colonies, where would a holo-tour book gigs?

Let’s see, I need worlds that put my folks in the right place at the right time, but that line up with one or more well-traveled and commercially significant space lanes. And there are a bunch of ‘em: The Perlemian Trade Route, the Hydian Way, the Rimma Trade Route and two Corellian routes—the so-called Trade Spine and the Corellian Run.

Oo, doesn’t that have a nice ring to it? What does that give me to work with? Worlds like Christophsis, Bannistar Station, Byblos, Corellia. Nice. On the Hydian Way I get Mustafar, Rutan, Eriadu. The Rimma Route offers Dagobah, Vondarc and Sullust.

So many choices … how to decide?

Well, I need worlds that offer a large enough and sophisticated enough population to make holding a series of epic concerts commercially and logistically feasible. And I need them to lie along a reasonably well-traveled route.

I admit it, I consulted the map frequently while laying out my holostar’s tour. By “map,” of course, I mean the Star Wars Essential Atlas by Daniel Wallace and Jason Fry. I’ve mentioned this marvelous resource before, but during this part of the writing process it really proved its worth. That’s what these wonderful guides are for: to give those of us who visit the GFFA—writers and fans alike—a means to know our way around.

So here’s what I’m wondering as I pore over my Atlas: I’m wondering if men in the GFFA consult maps. I mean, really, if you think the freeway system in LA or the South Bay is confusing, with six lane roads crossing over and under each other, then imagine it in 3D (4D if you count hyperspace).

What’m I thinkin’? Dash Rendar doesn’t use silly old maps to find his way from Tatooine to Corellia, he uses star charts and a navigational system—much the same way my husband uses the GPS system in his iPhone. These are not maps, after all, because one is not obliged to fold them and try to restore them to some semblance of orderliness. And they completely eliminate the need for the pilot to stop and ask directions. Besides which, of course, Dash has a navigator—one Eaden Vrill, a Nautolan. If he needs to know where he is, all he has to do is ask…

Okay, so here’s what I’m wondering now. I’m wondering if a ship’s nav system and interactive star charts are as likely as our GPS system to leave you sitting at the end of a cul de sac staring into an empty (star) field. This is something that really happened to us on our way to an early morning fishing expedition with my sister-in-law’s family.

Next time: Maya stumps the experts.

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A Padawan’s Journal #37: Real Men Don’t Use Maps… — 2 Comments

  1. He he he. Quite a random post. To the last paragraph, my guess is yes. Think about the post-ANH Alderaan System. That just might have put screwed up travel by star charts. 🙂

  2. Hmmm… Interesting question. I’ve never thought about that. However, I suppose it might have that problem depending on the computer’s last update. For instance, what if one of the worlds had to be evacuated because of some disaster? Or what if one of the worlds along a particular route no longer exists (think Alderaan, Sernpidal [NJO], etc.)? Then traveling along that route might not prove to be very profitable. Of course one of the worlds along a particular route might be having political issues (perhaps some tyrant is gaining control of the planet or something…). Of course, you could choose a few routes & stop at the planets most likely to draw crowds, but that might not be very cost efficient. (How expensive is it to travel to different planets anyway? You have crew costs, spaceship cleaning; repair; docking; landing costs among other things to consider)
    Then, once you’ve decided on a route to take, you’d need to decide at which venues to perform on a given planet. (You don’t really want to be giving a concert in a seedy area do you?)