It’s the hops and yeast that make it beer. (Let the Gluten Go #7)

Now, the good news and bad news about gluten-free beer. The good news? There are more and more brewed drinks out there all the time. Some of them, like pure rice sake, have been around for centuries. Even gluten-free beer is not new. There has been beer brewed from sorghum for centuries, as well as from other gluten-free grains. But you still need to check labels, because an African beer may also have wheat in it – wheat is cheaper to grow than some of the gluten-free grains, and adds a sweetness and smoothness to things. So African brewers have created some newer, mixed offerings.

Fortunately, in America people are experimenting with rarely-seen, new-to-America forms of alcohol. Here’s the bad news – these may not be available in your area. But thanks to the Internet, if it’s legal to ship to your state, chances are you can try many of these gluten-free offerings.

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