Happy New Year!

I’m Patricia Rice. I popped into the Bookviewcafe’s blog boards a few times last year, and now I’m getting brave enough to settle in on alternate Mondays. Those of you who want to read about Judy’s horses, please come back next week.

It doesn’t actually take bravery to write a blog. I’ve been doing it for half a decade or more, throwing all manner of inane idiocies about cyberspace. I do not lack for opinions, whether you want them or not. What blogging takes is persistence, and I’m running out of that. Unless you want religion or politics, I’ve about exhausted every other subject until I’m tired of hearing myself talk. (And that will come as a relief and a surprise to my family.)

I usually write about writing and the industry and books. So what I’ll be doing mostly every other Monday is bringing back oldie goldies—or oldie moldies. You be the judge. Your comments and questions will tell me what topics interest you most, and I’ll build from there. I’ll work in new topics as they occur. Feel free to suggest more. The publishing world changes daily, so we’re bound to find news to chat about.

And just in case you wondered—my Magic series e-books have been removed from the Bookviewcafe store because Sourcebooks, a print publisher, is reissuing them. You might keep that in mind if you’re delaying making an electronic purchase—print publishers sometimes snatch them up. We like the idea that digital books are available forever, but the truth is, the market blows with the wind. The Magic books will be out again in electronic format, as the print books are released, with lovely new covers.

My BVC shelf won’t remain empty for long. I’m in the process of scanning and editing some of my western romances—bestsellers and award winners at the time they were released. I’ll be interested in seeing what a new generation thinks of them. I’m having a merry old time editing those potboilers.

And last but not least, I have a never-before-published original Patricia Rice book currently in production here at the café. If you’re a reader who is hoping digital books will expand the narrow niches authors have been forced into in print publishing, then here’s your chance to see what happens when we’re allowed to write what we want. I hope you’ll enjoy where my imagination takes me when I can write anything I like!



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